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Safest and Easiest to Maintain Cookware

The Superior qualities of our new Stainless Cookware

  • Most healthiest Cookware in the market
  • Heavy Gauge
  • Lower Stove Heat Required
  • No Hot Spots
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Clean Stainless Steel “No Nickel”
  • Easy To Clean & Maintain
  • Will Not Scratch Ceramic Or Glass induction tops
  • Will Not Buckle If Over Heated
  • Totally Oven Proof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Note: Our Duo clad 5 ply wall stainless products would need a separate induction plate to work on induction tops

New 4622 Stainless Body Material

We could have chosen the triclad or the usual copper or aluminium base, but we chose to use the new Outokumpu 4622 Stainless Steel and why, because it works and provides for healthier eating and living. Our new 4622 Stainless Steel works perfectly on any cook tops, including induction.

Our new Stainless Cookware “Is One of A Kind” Guaranteed After Sales Service

 For a start it is designed and made by Australians in Lawson, Australia.

As local manufacturers we knew we had to make an exceptional product and thanks to 4622 Stainless Steel we are able to do that.  Our R&D has been developing a new hand-crafted cookware starting with the 28cm frypan.  We aim to produce a range of high class, non-stick, no nickel range of products which is carefully vetted for its contribution to both functionality, heat distribution and longevity.


Our New Stainless Cookware

Past Problems

With the history of stainless steel/cast iron/aluminium cookware over time the development has progressed but not without the problems of overheating, separation, buckling and corrosion. Well we are pleased to say that we are in partnership with Outokumpu Pty Ltd, who have developed this new grade of Stainless Steel, and Micah & Co. and are now in a position to produce all our stainless steel cookware in Australia.

Looking Forward

We are located at Lawson in the Blue Mountains, NSW and we are developing a range of cookware made from the new 4622 Stainless Steel material: starting with our 28 cm fry pan, followed by our 30cm wok and then pizza trays, baking trays, BBQ plates, pans, etc. We look forward to the participation of our customer base, once established, to recommend new products which can be manufactured. 

Professional Cookware For The Home Chef

Cooking is a combination of tools, handcraft and pleasure.  All three elements are important in our stainless steel, no nickel, cookware and you can experience this with our first edition 28cm fry pans.

Before Your First Cook

Please follow our careful cleaning instructions before use to ensure the removal of any oily residue that may remain after manufacturing.  Wash thoroughly in hot soapy water, rinse well with hot water and dry.

Care & Maintenance

The range of new 4622 Stainless Steel is truly amazing. Unlike other cookware, the new range gives perfect heat transfer and will not buckle when overheated.

If burning occurs on the surface of your fry pan, simply reheat add water and boil.  Then use detergent and a Scotch-Brite pad to restore your fry pan to look new again.

Your new stainless steel cookware is dishwasher safe.

The polished surface allows you to use Scotch-Brite pads to maintain the original look and different types of Scotch-Brite can be purchased from our shopping cart.

Our new 4622 Stainless Steel Cookware


Thank you for the purchase of your new 4622 Stainless Steel cookware. You just made the right choice.

Lifetime Warranty

All our new stainless steel cookware has a lifetime guarantee against factory defects and any abnormal deterioration. Should any defects or abnormal problems be discovered, we will repair or replace the defective part free of charge. Proof of purchase is required to establish time frame of manufacturing.

This warranty excludes problems caused by misuse, mishandling or normal wear and tear. We believe our cookware will last a lifetime if maintained correctly.

Please read the information provided below and enjoy your new stainless cookware

  • 4622 Series new stainless steel cookware
  • The stainless steel fry pan is made from 2.0 mm thick material
  • Contains no nickel, which allows even heat distribution with no warping or hot spots
  • High heat conductivity
  • Use Scotch-Brite pads to maintain lustre
  • Option to have designer handles that have been TIG welded or fully welded (world first for fry pans)
  • Reduced fuel/ energy cost as can heat very fast and work well in low to medium heat.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Always dry thoroughly
  • Lifetime Guarantee

The Superior qualities of our New Stainless

  • New 4622 Stainless Steel
  • Heavy gauge
  • Low stove heat only is required
  • No hot spots
  • More even heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Will not scratch ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Totally oven proof
  • No welded base means reduced burning of food